Emergency Medicine

Emergency department

The emergency department assesses and treats people with serious injuries and those in need of emergency treatment.

If an ambulance is needed you can call +359 882 2928 47, our emergency phone number in Bulgaria.

Urgent care services

Did you know that our emergency department is the best urgent care services in the city and fastest in the resorts Golden Sand and St. Konstantin? Our specialists will help you feel better faster.

What happens at the emergency department?

Once you’re at the emergency department, a doctor or nurse will assess your condition and decide on further action. You will be diagnosed and treated within hours of arrival, the care is timely.


Where we are available?

Emergency ambulances are available 24 hours, 7  days a week, 365 days a year.

  •   Reaction within one hour
  •   Trained specialists
  •   Working around the clock
  •   New equipment
  •   Better Doctors. Better Care.

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